Ski Head Epic Joy + bindings


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12726 m05

This ski is part of the JOY women's range, with a specific architecture that meets their needs. Lightness is at the center of the structure. Graphene is an extremely light but durable material with remarkable skiability. The layers of the latter offer a light/resistance ratio never seen before in the ski field.

"P"Unique weight distribution profiles for better balance. The GRAPHENE allows us to change the geometric profile and the weight distribution of the ski as we see fit.

The weight distribution of this ski is typical track. The specific woman camber associated with the Era 3.0 facilitates turns and increases ski performance while saving fatigue, so women stay in control throughout the day.

Odds line: 120-65-100

Radius of 11.9 m for a 163 cm ski.

Year: 2018/p

Price of new ski: 650 euros


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