Our ecological commitments for a more virtuous planet:

  1. Increase the lifespan of products to avoid overconsumption and therefore a depletion of the planet's resources: we sell on freeglisse.com and in our stores only items that have been reconditioned by us.

  2. Repair rather than throw away: in our workshop we are committed to repairing all repairable items.

  3. Prevent the destruction of new unsold items during the season: concerning new items we sell on freeglisse.com and in our stores unsold items from manufacturers or stores (we do not sell any seasonal items).

  4. Offer cheap ski items for everyone to promote the practice of eco-responsible skiing with a minimum carbon footprint.

  5. Acting within our company: LED lighting everywhere for a few years, sorting (we participate in a local circular economy to recover our waste), stopping the use of plastic packaging (we pack with our own reconditioned cardboard thanks to to our cardboard shredder), reduction of our waste…

  6. Act outside: we participate very actively in the major “SKI R” project for an eco-responsible circular economy in the ski sector in AURA (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) with the following objectives:
    1. Massify reuse (we have been acting in this direction for 30 years).

    2. Develop reuse (for another use than the original one) with many partners (Skitec, Nok Board, Gold, Purple Alternative Surface, etc.)

    3. Promote recycling by offering our waste (unusable ski equipment) as raw material for ski manufacturers or other companies.

    4. Reduce waste from the ski industry by 40% over 10 years.

By offering you a practice of skiing that impacts the environment as little as possible and respects a common ideal as much as possible, let's continue to act together for our beautiful planet and for our children.