Company name : s.n.s

Legal status and share capital : SARL

Operating Name :

Headquarters: 98B rue des champs plans

Post code : 74800

City : Saint-pierre-en-faucigny

Country : France F

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Phone :
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Siret : RCS Belfort 402 406 078
NAF Code : 4779Z
Capital :115 140 €
R.C.S BELFORT N° TVA fr90 402 406 078

An economic and ecological approach. N ° 1 of used ski in France

Specialized for more than 30 years in the skiing sector,, our store as our online store has two objectives: *make skiing accessible to all through very low prices without harming quality..

*Propose an ecological and sustainable approach by recycling used ski equipment for the good of our planet and for your pleasure.

Our e-commerce adventure began in 1995 thanks to the work of our entire team. We offer
used products with very attractive prices on a clear, friendly and secure sales interface.

Kind Regards, the Team