In order to guarantee you the best products for your outings in the snow, we ensure that the equipment arrives in good working order and is in its state of wear. Thus, all used skis that can be found on our freeglisse.com website are revised, checked and maintained by our team of professionals.

With our ultra modern workshop, the skis are checked one by one. Indeed, we are working with two digitally controlled robots from the Wintersteiger brand. The first machine takes care of automatically overmolding the ski soles in order to fill the holes. As for the second machine, its role is to structure the skis and sharpen the edges: a first sanding stone will allow the ski and the sole to be flattened, while the second sanding stone will give it structure and finish. . This second machine also allows ceramic sharpening of the edges. Once the skis have passed through the hands of these two state-of-the-art machines, we wax them in order to provide you with a pleasant and lasting glide throughout the winter. It is essential for us to offer you quality and safe products, which is why any material with a defect is withdrawn from sale.

So that you find the best sliding companion according to your level and your desires, we have categorized the skis as follows according to the condition of the equipment:

- Quality A

- Quality B

- Quality C

In order to offer you a quality sliding experience, we have decided to be transparent towards you by setting up these three categories, which allow you to fully understand the state of wear of the equipment, to to have no bad surprises during the reception. For the classification of our equipment, we base ourselves on various criteria:

- The state of wear of the screen printing

- The state of wear of the sole and edges

- The state of wear of the binding

- The year of manufacture

■ Quality A : Used equipment in good condition

Quality A : offers second-hand equipment that is in good general condition, is well maintained and can be used for many seasons:

- The technical qualities and durability of the material are excellent

- The screen printing may also have a few scratches and a few snags

- Used bindings in good condition (checked by our skiman) but may however have some scratches from use & somewhat discolored

- The sole is perfectly sealed, structured and waxed. The edges are sharp.

■ Quality B: Used equipment in fair condition

The Quality B category has used equipment in good condition, but with more pronounced signs of wear (presence of scratches and snags):

- The technicality and durability of the material remain good despite an older aesthetic

- Presence of more pronounced scratches and snags on several places of the screen printing, especially at the tip and tail

- The binding may be scratched or discolored (always revised by our skiman)

- The sole is perfectly sealed, structured as well as waxed and the edges are sharp, as for Quality A material

- Attractive price

■ Quality C: Material whose serigraphy is degraded but still efficient

The Quality C category offers damaged material, the screen printing of which is degraded but which remains skiable and efficient:

- The material having already been used for several seasons, the screen printing is damaged and shows more signs of wear such as scratches and snags, but which has no influence on the performance of it

- The binding (always revised by our skiman) shows more signs of wear: discoloration, scratches, snags ... It does not present any danger for the user.

- The sole is perfectly sealed, structured and waxed. The edges are also sharp, just like the previous choices. Please note: as the material has already been used well, there is not much thickness of the sole or edge left which will allow new maintenance.

When you research our website, for each model you will find a photo of a ski or snowboard in each category (when they are available for sale). For all models, you will therefore be able to see signs of wear on each photo depending on the choice made.

Concerning the adjustment of the bindings: The skis are all mounted on rails, we do the adjustment only when your order consists of the boot and the ski, and that we are informed of your weight and your technical level.


Beginner, confirmed or expert, the ski boot is part of the most important equipment to make the most of the days on the slopes. In order to guarantee you the maximum comfort and sliding sensation, all our shoes are therefore revised and maintained by our team of professionals. This is why upon arrival at our warehouse, the shoes are washed and disinfected for the first time. Our experts revise the shoes, taking care to change any damaged and / or broken parts in order to guarantee you as much safety as possible. All shoes are in fair condition with some wear and tear on the shell. They all have a slipper in good condition as well. When sending, the shoes are washed and disinfected again. they are also sorted by category into A-quality, B-quality and C-quality