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-span class"js-description-disp" itemprop""description"-The winning combination! It took all the know-how of the Rossignol racing department to make the most of the standards imposed by the FIS in Giant Slalom. This ski is twice Olympic runner-up with Lara Gut and Christof Innerhofer in Sochi in 2014. The Norwegian progide, 6 times world champion, just 20 years old, Henrik Kristoffersen has won 3 World Cups this season. The Hero FIS GS (f19 WC) is the ultimate weapon for perfectly mastered curves. Equipped with the R 21 World Cup plate and mounted with the new Axial3 RockerFlex fasteners with a semi-suspended heel for a free flex, this energy-packed racing ski will take you into a new world. That of the power available on demand. Put on your wetsuit, put on the HERO FIS GS and get a head start in the medal race. It's up to you.

-span class-"js-description-disp" - New price: $949

'span class'"js-description-disp"-odds line: 106-65-90 /

Rayon - 17m for the 170cm

Year: 2017

Material State:

All used skis that are on sale on "" are regularly maintained because they come from rental parks. They are all controlled one by one by our team of professionals and come out of our state-of-the-art workshop with solessupermoulded, sharpened, structured and waxed. We work with 2 digitally controlled robots (automatic overmoulding, 1er stone sanding for flattening the ski,an  stone for finishing and structuring the soles, then sharpening ceramic edges).span

To help you make your choice based on the condition of the equipment, we offer skis in quality A, B and C according to the criteria below: -          <Quality A:

O   <Used skiing in good condition.pan

O   <Possibility of some scratches and/or a few small snags on the screen printing following normal use. <

O   <Used fixing in good condition (normal wear).pan

O   <the technical qualities and durability of the material are excellent. <

O   <The soles are supermoulded, sharpened, structured and


-          <Quality B:

O   <Used skiing in a correct condition.pan

O   <More pronounced scratches and snags on several areas of screen printing, heels or spatulas.

O   <The fastener may be scratched or

O   <The technicality and durability of skiing remains good, but aesthetics suffer.No.

O   <The soles are supermoulded, sharpened, structured and waxed as for Quality A skis.No.

O   <Very attractive price. <


-          <Quality C:

O   <Ski used in fair condition but skiability remains

O   <Parts of screen printing can peel off or tear off, the presence of major snags as a result of edge strokes. Wear on heels or spatulas is more pronounced.

It's not going to be a good one.O   <The fastener may be scratched or discolored. <

O   <The technicality of the ski remains good, its durability is less and the aesthetics are much less good. This is a good solution for a pebble ski (2

O   <The soles are supermoulded, sharpened, structured and waxed as for Quality A skis.No.

O   <Unbeatable price.


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