Used Ski Boot Head i Type 10 Grey


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Ski boot used Head 2 very wide loops and a wide opening to the collar favoring the entry of the foot into the shoe. Ideal for recreational skiing. Its boot is very cozy and provides a very pleasant feeling of warmth thanks to its fully furmed polar lining. Flex index of 70, which is already a consistent one for any experienced skier: the maintenance associated with comfort. Its walking/ski position system is automatic, the lever that blocks the rod is locked when you engage the fastener. So it is released as soon as you walk. To limit slips, the soles are equipped with anti-slip pads at the toes and heels

WARNING: Details may vary.

Used productspan :

Following normal use of the shoe, it has traces of wear and small scratches on the hull.(p)

The boot was treated anti-odor and anti-bacteria.


Shoe 2 wide loops and a strap.

flex: 70

LevelSports leisure

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