Complete Junior Rossignol Pursuit Pack

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An easy-to-understand ski for budding champions. On the technical side, the flex of the ski varies according to its size to adapt better and better to the weight and size of the young skier and provide a solid foundation for this future champion. 100% TRACK

Value of new skiing: €199.(p)

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LevelSports leisure
CO2 savings for the planet (in kg)3.6

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The TMX is an easy-to-use shoe for young freeskiers in the making. Featuring Sensor Fit technology that provides maximum comfort, the TMX J4 offers the perfect combination of performance and thermal insulation. Its 4 adjustable loops allow for a reinforced and adaptable hold, perfect for an age when feet grow fast! This shoe will help young freeskiers learn solid basics and encourage them to experience the thrill of skiing.>

Used productspan :

This shoe, after normal use, has a few scratches and some wear marks that does not cause any problems with the proper functioning of the shoe.>

The boot was treated anti-odor and anti-bacteria.


Shoe 3/4 hooks.

Year: 2016/p

New price: 109 euros

flex: 40

Data sheet

LevelSports leisure
CO2 savings for the planet (in kg)1.3

1 pair of used ski poles. To not put too much in a pair of sticks. Bton rental of 4 years or more. State: good. How to choose your stick size: Here is the size chart, for a skier measuring approximately: 100 cm = 60 cm in baton. 110cm = 70cm in baton. 120cm = 80cm in baton. 130cm = 90cm in baton. 140cm = 100cm in baton. 150cm = 105cm in baton. 160 cm = 110cm in baton. 165cm = 115 cm in baton. 170 cm = 120 cm in baton. 175 cm = 125 cm in baton. 180 cm = 130 cm in baton. 185 cm = 135 cm in baton.

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