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Women's Alpine Ski Shoe NORDICA Transfire R3 R W

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Transfire R3 W is a women's model from the Nordica range specially designed to meet the specifics of female morphology.

This modele offers a very good level of precision and optimal comfort to continue her learning.  The Transfire R3 W is a versatile shoe that will remain effective in all snow and field situations. The stem of this model is has been slightly lowered to accommodate the woman's calf. This shoe has a slightly softer and more progressive flex depending on the support. The Transfire R3 W is made up of a very comfortable boot that keeps the heat well up to the toes, its construction to keep the feet dry.

This ski boot is intended for skiers of a medium to confirmed level looking for a comfortable shoe and efficient enough to continue learning to ski in the best conditions. 'Br'/ 'To'r
Technical info:
Shoe: 102 mm

Flex: up to 85 (progressive)br /
Number of hooks: 3

Hull: tr PU Ether
Shoe: fur/tech fur
Loop: aluminium

45-degree loop:/em
A 45-degree-positioned buckle that offers maximum tightening, increasing the heel's support to the back of the shoe, ensuring comfort and warmth in the forefoot. This type of closure also allowsfacilitate the entry and exit of the foot of the shoe, regardless of the temperature!(p)

Three-part hull design:
Unlike the traditional closure of shoe shells that emphasize front and back foot locking, Firearrow, Transfire and Ace collection models use a hull design to improve accuracy side of the shoe. Increased lateral accuracy is the key to better control of new, wider and more ambitious hulls.stable cuff profile:Our Adjustable Cuff Profile (ACP) or adjustable stem profile allows for a neutral standing position regardless of calf size. This makes daily skiing easier and more comfortable.r /
New slipper:
New hand-stitched internal coatings, designed to improve comfort and performance, providing more space for toes to ensure good blood circulation, and therefore more heat. />
Flex sport progressive performance:
Shoe stiffness increases as bending progresses to boost transmission power on the ski. This technology allows the shoe to gradually release the power that the skier transmits to the ski, as needed. The lower part of the bending area is blocked to ensure an immediate and effective impacton the edges - especially needed on hardened snow. The upper part of the bending area, on the other hand, ensures a more fluid and permissive progression for the amateur skier. />
Articulation point stability control:
The articulation point is located down and forward to help reduce unwanted vibrations from skiing. />
Entered easy:em
A hull design and choice of materials that makes it easy to enter the foot, no matter the room temperature.>

LevelSports leisure

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