Junior Rossignol fun girl used ski shoe


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The concerns of young skiers? Enjoy the slopes, know their first feelings of speed and above all that they like the design and colors of the shoe. Parents' concerns? The safety and comfort of their children. Thanks to its 3/4 adjustable loops and sensor inside technology, which is the source of a boot specifically adapted to their morphology, the FUN GIRL 3/4 meets all these expectations. She is the consensus that makes everyone happy, young and old, Href-https://www.skipass.com/guide-matos/shoes-ski/2017/rossignol/fun-girl-4-2.html

WARNING: the model may vary, the photos show the models available without the possibility to choose the model. 

Construction/Technology: <

Shoe from 3 to 4 hooks. flex: 40-50

New price: 109 euros

Year: 2015-2017  

User - Configuratora junior

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