Atomic hawx magna R 80 black ski boots


32,00 €

13924 h11b

The Atomic Hawx Magna 80 is the entry model of our Hawx Magna range in the open fit. Offering a flexible flex suitable for lighter or less aggressive skiers, this 102mm shoe gives you the legendary feel of the Hawx. It is one of the lightest fit-wide shoes and is full of details specially adapted to wide feet, such as an easy shoeing area and a wide tongue. Ideal for the first ski seasons, this wide fit shoe guarantees light skiers easier control and comfort compared to a stiffer model. Skiers who don't take their heads have found shoes on their feet. (Atomic)

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Shoe 4 hooks and a strap.

flex: 80

year: 2017 New price: 229 euros.

LevelSports leisure

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