Atomic Hawx Plus Orange Black Ski Opportunity Shoe


45,00 €

10775 i22c

When ATOMIC launched the Hawx, this shoe really caused a sensation. This "high performance" shoe has been designed to promote the flexibility and natural movement of the forefoot, offering many advantages: control and balance are greatly improved compared to ski boots Classic. Its comfort and fit are also infinitely superior to what all other "high performance" shoes can offer and walking becomes much easier. These skis guarantee individual customization, comfort and performance unmatched in various conditions. They are equipped with the unique Memory Fit technology that allows you to customize the surface, stem and inner sole to suit everyone's needs. The Flex sole used in the design of the soles ensures perfect balance and total control, and enhances the feel of the track.

style"text-decoration: underline;">Used productspan :

Following normal use of the shoe, it has traces of wear and scratches on the hull, which does not cause the shoe to be used.(p)

The boot was treated anti-bacteria and anti-odor.


Shoe 4 hooks and strap.

flex: 90

Year: 2018/p

New price: 299 euros


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