Ski used Dynastar Legend Sultan 85 - bindings


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14057 e02

A fibro-metal composition complemented by full-length vocals and the integration of 3D technology for optimal and targeted ski lightening make it a high-performance ski guaranteeing an "alpine" skiing behavior on the side of grip and control. The combination of its odds lines (providing excellent portability and a guaranteed lift in undated snow), its average curve radius of 16 m (for an easy commitment on piste) and a perfect curved hold (thanks to the heel/spatula dimensions that gently accompany the pivoting of the ski) make it an ideal versatile ski for off-road practice.

Odds Line 126 85 110

Radius 17 m for a 178 cm skiNew ski value: €599p


All  er pstone-plating for skiing,    pierre pour la finition et la structuration des semelles, puis affûtage céramique des carres).<

To help you make your choice based on the condition of the equipment, we offer you theskis in grade A, B and C according to the following criteria:pan

-          <Quality A:/strong

O   <Used skiing in good condition.pan

O   <A few scratches and/or a few small snags on the screen printing following normal use are possible.pan

O   <Used fixing in good condition (normal wear).pan

O   <the technical qualities and durability of the equipment are excellent.pan

O   <The soles are supermoulded, sharpened, structured and


-          < <Quality B:/strong

O   <Used skiing in a correct condition.pan

O   <More pronounced scratches and snags on several areas of the screen printing, heels or spatulas.No.

O   <The fastener may be scratched or

O   <The technicality and durability of skiing remains good, but aesthetics suffer.No.

O   <The soles are supermoulded, sharpened, structured and waxed as for Quality A skis.No.

O   <Very attractive price. <


-          <Quality C:/strong

O   <Ski used in fair condition but skiability remains

O   <Parts of screen printing can peel off or tear off, the presence of major snags as a result of edge strokes. Wear on heels or spatulas is more pronounced,

It's not going to be a good one.O   <The fastener may be scratched or

O   <The technicality of the ski remains good, its durability is less and the aesthetics are much less good. This is a good solution for a pebble ski (2 paire de ski en cas de manque de neige, vous n’aurez plus peur d’abimer votre matériel).

O   <The soles are supermoulded, sharpened, structured and

O   <Unbeatable price.

TypeAll mountain

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