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The QST MYRIAD 85 is an agile All-Mountain beast that combines power, fine sensations and fluid glide. It derives its power from its 100% wood core and Its Spaceframe construction, and its subtle sensations of its ABS songs, while basalt provides extra stability without extra weight.year.

Coast lines: 124/85/109 R.16 skiins in 161cm

"P"Year 2018/p

Material status/span :

All  er ponstone-to-the-stone ageing for the flattening of the ski,/span-sanding with the 2supE stone for finishing and structuring the soles, then sharpening the edges of the edges).span

To help you make your choice based on the condition of the equipment, we offer skis in quality A, B and C according to the criteria below:span

-          Quality A:/span

o  Used skiing in good condition.pan

o   Possibility of a few scratches and/or a few small snags on the screen print following normal use.

o   Used fixing in good condition (normal wear).pan

o   the technical qualities and durability of the material are excellent.

o   The soles are overmoulded, sharpened, structured and waxed.year


-          Quality B:span

o   Used skiing in correct condition.pan

o   More pronounced stripes and snags on several locations of screen printing, heels or spatulas.

o   The fastener can be scratched or discolored.year

o   The technicality and durability of the ski remain good but the aesthetics suffer.No.

o   The soles are supermoulded, sharpened, structured and waxed as for the skis of the 1st sup>Er choice.


-          Quality C:span

o   Used skiing in fair condition but skiability remains good.year

o   Parts of screen printing can peel off or tear, the presence of major snags following blows of edges. Wear on heels or spatulas is more pronounced.

"P"o   The fastener can be scratched or discolored.

o   The technicality of the ski remains good, its durability is less and the aesthetics are much less good. This is a good solution for a pebble ski (2e/suppair of skis in case of lack of snow, you will no longer be afraid to damage your equipment).No.

o   The soles are supermoulded, sharpened, structured and waxed as for the skis of the 1st sup>Erchoice.

o   Unbeatable price.

TypeAll mountain
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