Ski used Fischer RC4 worldcup GS - bindings


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The RC4 is the hero of this giant test, both hyper-performing but also very comfortable at its level of performance. By combining fluidity and power at the highest level, he stands out as a perfect strike weapon, able to convince each tester that he had the opportunity to drop the time. With an exceptional edge glide, the ski produces a lot of speed on the angle but also in the diagonal. This ability to advance on the slope is not at the expense of the sensations or the ease of the steering because the ski fits very well in the first third of the curve, even if this type of ski requires a perfect positioning on the outside foot to bend. The second third of the curve is an example of finesse and efficiency because the RC4 cuts the snow perfectly, does not flinch a millimeter in its path, perfectly fits the terrain and accelerates like a ball. Then comes the end of the curve where the ski, which has never stopped accelerating, disperses the energy accumulated in the curve to emerge very quickly, but without a stroke of the kidneys which allows to come to position itself smoothly on the next trigger. In short, a precision car, perfectly homogeneous in all phases of driving, to make the competitors pale by crossing the finish line. Huge!

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