Ski Rossignol Pursuit 13 carbon occasion - bindings


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The Pursuit 13 Carbon is a high-performance scalable ski delineator for intermediate skiers. "Piste is the place to be" is the essence of the Pursuit ski range. The new Xelium fastener brings a weight gain of around 15% for better ergonomics, immediate grip and ease. Its construction, derived from the latest technologies of the Service Course, makes it a very scalable and very safe ski.

"P"The Power Turn Rocker, combining a very light rocker in spatula with a traditional camber along the entire length of the ski, facilitates the initiation into the entrance of the turn and delivers its full potential in carving. The Carbon reinforcement allows the ski to be very safe, comfortable and scalable. Diamond Shape volumes transmit supports directly to make it easier to grip, limit efforts for more fun, grip and sharing! Odds lines: 124 72 103

14m radius for a 163cm ski

Value of new skiing: $399(p)


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